Words of Wisdom for the Christmas Season

For those in the catering business, it is crucial that you have the right kit to get you through the busy holiday season.

Barcare’s extensive product range offers everything pubs, restaurants and alike require to keep service running smoothly. Here are a few tips to make sure you’ve got all your bases covered, ready for the festive period.

Bar Sundries

To quote a high-level Supermarket, that for licensing reasons shall remain unnamed, “Every little helps.” And with the heavy festive flow of customers, it’s best to make sure you have a backup should something break. And then perhaps a back up to your back up…

We’ve put together a checklist of some bar sundries to make sure you’re stocked up on:

Making sure you’ve got a steady stock of these will ensure your customers stay merry, and makes life a world easier for your Christmas Elves (or staff, as they are more commonly known). So Deck those Halls with loads of Sundries.

Faster & More Efficient Serving Process

Now let’s talk about keeping up that quick service during the busy season. Purchasing a glass dryer, like our Airacks, will transform your serving process, keeping your customers happy and the ale flowing.

These commercial glass drying machines mean you can do away with time-consuming manual glass drying. Airacks come in multiple sizes, 400mm450mm and 500mm to match your glasswasher and are guaranteed to cut drying time in half. This means quicker service, happy customers and increased revenue.

These incredibly handy machines are available for either purchase or rental from Barcare, at fantastically competitive prices. Meaning you needn’t worry about any more expensive outgoings, because let’s face it, you’re already out of pocket from all those Christmas presents you’ve bought.

Warewashing Chemicals

The chemicals that are put into your dishwashers or glasswashers are crucial to getting the best results. Better chemicals equal better results. Sometimes it’s the simple things that make all the difference.

Poor chemicals can not only reduce the quality of washing but are also one of the main reasons for your machines to break down. The last thing you want is a breakdown, or to run out of cleaning chemicals, during the busiest season, so make sure you get stocked up.

Treat your warewashing machines to an early Christmas present; Barcare’s own range of machine safe chemicals. Specifically formulated for the catering and hospitality industry, our chemicals are designed to optimise the performance of your commercial dishwasher or glasswasher.


It’s never a bad idea to have an extra stock of glasses at the ready for the holiday rush. Make sure you’re prepared for the overflow of customers that the festive season brings with Barcare’s competitively priced, extensive catalogue of commercial glassware.

Offering everything from beer glasses & wine glasses to champagne flutes and hiball glasses – Barcare has your back this Christmas.

Customers often find their drink more enjoyable when served in a specifically designed glass. Receiving gin in a run of the mill glass has to be one of the most disappointing things that could happen to a customer. Ensure your customers aren’t disappointed and have a look through our wide-ranging glassware catalogue.

And, for those looking for a rowdy Christmas, we’ve even got shot glasses at the ready!

Let’s face it, you know you’re going to have a hoard of high spirited ladies requiring prosecco IMMEDIATELY (or men, because why can’t blokes enjoy a bit of bubbly?). So get those champagne glasses in formation, ice makers at the ready, and ice buckets lined up.

Make sure you’re not in short supply of Dimple Tankards for your festive ales because if you don’t feel like a king when you’ve been handed your ale, was it really worth it? And get those Hiball glasses at the ready for all the Snowballs you will inevitably end up selling.


Just remember, the Christmas holiday is war. A sparkly, red, white and green, gingerbread scented war and we, at Barcare, are your merry ammunition providers. Whether its the purchase of warewashing machines, glasses or chemicals, we are here to get you through the holiday rush.

But, we understand that running a bar can be a tough business. For those who don’t want to be out of pocket on this merry holiday, we also provide rental options for our machines, bottle cabinets and Airack Lites at incredibly low prices! Therefore, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at Santa’s Grotto for any queries, quotes and Christmas presents for your site.

And finally…

Like any good Christmas story, I must draw this blog to an end. So here lie my final words of wisdom to you, lovely readers.

Make it feel like Christmas. Nobody appreciates a Grinch at this time of year, so go full throttle. Throw that tinsel around, put Las Vegas to shame with your technicolour light displays, and adorn any beards you can find with glitter and tiny baubles. It doesn’t hurt to decorate your pub like Elf, the kids in Nativity and the cast of The Nutcracker had a massive blow out. And if that’s not quite your speed, throw out a few nudges to Nakatomi Plaza, pop some Ferbies around like Gremlins, dress up as Bad Santa.

But, in all seriousness, a Christmas mixtape goes a long way for the low budget festive ambience.

And that, my merry pub owners, jolly restaurant managers, and possibly a few people who just fell into this blog because it has the word ‘Christmas’ in the title, are my words of wisdom to you.

Sincerely and with the fondest holiday greetings,

The (overly merry) Barcare Team.