Eazyzap Citronella Tea Lights (Pack of 50)

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Tea lights are a fantastic way to add a ‘wow’ factor to a table setting. However, if dining outdoors, the light can quickly attract bugs and flying insects to the table, potentially ruining an otherwise perfect summer evening dinner service. A proven repellent is citronella – a naturally occuring, lightly perfumed oil which is highly effective at keeping bugs away. These tea lights do just that and are both long-lasting and suitable for use outdoors. When used in combination with Eazyzap fly killers or glue boards, citronella tea lights provide an all-round insect killing solution for any dining area.


Product Features:

  • Colour Yellow
  • 8 hour burn time – suitable for most evening services
  • Made with real naturally-ocurring citronella oil (3% citronella) – effective at repelling flying insects
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Pack of 50 tealights – place on every table for effective deterrent
  • Easy to use and light


Weight1.115 kg
Dimensions (HWD)48 × 187 × 187 mm



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