Classeq Dishwashers

Classeq dishwashers are widely considered to be the best in the market, and for good reason. These high-quality commercial dishwashers are renowned for their durability, reliability, and exceptional cleaning performance. Here are just a few reasons why Classeq dishwashers stand out from the rest.

Why buy Classeq Dishwashers?

Classeq dishwashers are designed to be highly efficient in terms of both water and energy usage. They incorporate advanced features such as rinse booster pumps and digital detergent dosing to minimise waste and reduce running costs. This not only helps to save money on utility bills but also makes them more environmentally friendly than other models.
One of the biggest advantages of choosing a Classeq dishwasher is their unparalleled reliability. These machines are built to last, with robust construction and high-quality components that are designed to withstand the demands of a busy commercial kitchen. They are also easy to maintain, with simple and intuitive controls that make them easy to use and troubleshoot.
Manufactured in Stafford, England Classeq dishwashers are renowned for their exceptional cleaning performance, delivering sparkling clean dishes and utensils with every wash cycle. Their powerful wash pumps and high-quality wash arms ensure that even the toughest food stains are removed, leaving plates, glasses, and cutlery spotless and hygienic. This makes them the ideal choice for any commercial kitchen that demands the very best in terms of cleanliness and hygiene.
Classeq dishwashers are available in a wide range of models and sizes, making them suitable for all types of commercial kitchens, from small cafes and restaurants to large catering operations. They also come with a range of features and options, such as built-in water softeners and reverse osmosis systems, to ensure that they can be customised to meet the specific needs of any kitchen.
Service and Support
The biggest advantages of choosing Classeq is the excellent customer support and knowledge that Barcare Supreme offers. Known for providing excellent customer service and support, with a dedicated team of experts on hand to provide advice, troubleshooting, and technical support whenever it is needed. We also offer a comprehensive warranty and maintenance program, which helps to ensure that your dishwasher continues to perform at its best for many years to come.
In conclusion, there are many reasons why Classeq dishwashers are considered to be the best in the market. They offer exceptional efficiency, reliability, performance, versatility, and service and support, making them the ideal choice for any commercial kitchen that demands the very best in terms of quality and performance. Whether you run a small café or a large catering operation, a Classeq dishwasher is the perfect investment for a cleaner, more efficient, and more profitable kitchen.

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