Abbot Double Cask Tap “L” Thread

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  • Smooth opening and closing action
  • Strong design, no leaks
  • Preferred choice for breweries
  • Made in the UK


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The Abbot cask ale tap has been produced and distributed for over 35 years and is one of the most popular cask ale taps sold in the UK, used by pubs, restaurants and brewers across the country.

The cask ale tap is the only way of dispensing real ale out of a barrel and the Abbot tap makes it as easy as pie!

Designed with longevity and value for money in mind. The taps require a good firm whack with a mallet in order to get them into the barrel. As a result the Abbot tap is born from a robust design, with no brittle or cheap plastic. As a result the tap won’t crack or break when correctly whacked into the barrel, furthermore the taps should be entirely leak proof.

There are also a few subtle design elements to the Abbot cask ale tap. The ridges along the whole length of the shaft will ensure that when tapped in to the barrel via the keystone (wooden or plastic), the tap will both go in and come out of the keystone very easily compared to other cask ale taps. Furthermore, you will also see a number of small holes towards the end of the shaft of the tap, this allows the tap to source ale from the depths of the barrel when the level of the ale is getting low, therefore ensuring you get every drop of ale out of the barrel that you have paid for!

There is also a little nut at the end of the tap that can be easily screwed off, this allows a tap brush to be fed up the inside of the tap so you can keep your cask ale taps clean with ease. In addition to these features the hot favourite is the tap opening and closing mechanism. It operates very smoothly and shouldn’t get stuck in place, which has been a criticism of other cask ale taps in the past.


Weight 0.23 kg
Dimensions (HWD) 103 × 155 × 205 mm
Brand Beaumont


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