Barcare releases sparkling new range of chemical detergents

Barcare are pleased to launch a new range of commercial dishwasher chemicals, glass washer detergents and commercial rinse aids to help provide excellent cleaning results to the hospitality industry.

With over 25 years’ experience of installing, maintaining and repairing Classeq glass washers & Classeq dishwashers we know the importance of using top quality dishwasher detergents and rinse aids.

As commercial glasswashers pump water over the contents within the basket or tray, the quality of chemicals you select is paramount to ensure that you not only provide a hygienic clean but protect your machinery too.

Using low quality dishwasher chemicals might save you money in the short term, but if harmful agents are used in the formulation then this can start to degrade internal components of your glass and dishwashers, particularly if they are in heavy use.

Additionally, if your cleaning results are below par then your reputation might be at risk if your customers are regularly experiencing dirty or cloudy glassware or stained crockery.

Sparking results everytime

Expertly formulated with the commercial sector in mind, Barcare’s warewashing chemicals not only provide a brilliant clean for your glass and dishware, but are kinder to your machinery’s internal components too.

Focusing on glassware, our GlassSupreme solutions for bars and real ale establishments remove finger marks and clean thoroughly without affecting beer head retention.

For tableware and ovenware, our DishSupreme cuts through heavy soiling from grease, fats and proteins whilst also being tough on tea and coffee stains on cups and saucers.

To complement these cleaners, RinseSupreme is a highly concentrated mildly acidic rinse aid, which assists with a brilliant clean and quick drying, even at low doses.

The full range of Barcare’s new washing detergents consists of:

  • GlassSupreme – suitable for all water conditions and removes finger marks and beer residue from glasses with sparkling results
  • GlassSupreme CASK – providing excellent results without caustic soda and formulated especially with real ale houses in mind without affecting beer head retention
  • DishSupreme – effective remover for tea and coffee to grease and fats, this concentrated formulation provides dazzling results
  • RinseSupreme – commercial rinse aid promoting quick drying, without the risk of spots or streaks

GlassSupreme, GlassSupreme CASK and DishSupreme are all available to purchase separately, or as a bundle pack which includes a 5 litre bottle of our RinseSupreme rinse aid.

Why use Barcare?

Barcare are experts in all types of commercial catering equipment and provide a full range of commercial glass washers, refrigeration and cooking equipment that is designed specifically for the needs of pubs, restaurants and the hospitality industry.

To find out more about Barcare’s dishwasher chemicals range, contact our expert team today by email or call 01785 247267.