Nothing Cleans Better Than Barcare’s New Warewashing Chemicals Range

For over 25 years now the team here at Barcare have been servicing the restaurant and pub trade with commercial warewashing equipment and maintenance plans to keep business running smoothly.

That’s why we’ve spent the last few years developing what we think is the best cleaning chemical on the market for commercial glass and dishwashers, to help keep the licenced trade sparkling clean.

Our new range consists of four innovative new products, including:

  • GlassSupreme – suitable for all water conditions and removes finger marks and beer residue from glasses with sparkling results
  • GlassSupreme CASK – providing excellent results without caustic soda and formulated especially with real ale houses in mind without affecting beer head retention
  • DishSupreme – effective remover for tea and coffee to grease and fats, this concentrated formulation provides dazzling results
  • RinseSupreme – commercial rinse aid promoting quick drying, without the risk of spots or streaks

Why Your Cleaning Chemicals Are So Important

Barcare’s core business is supplying glasswashing and dishwashing machines, so it’s vital we provide the best possible cleaning glasswasher detergent and dishwasher detergent to optimise performance and to prevent these machines from getting damaged.

It’s incredible how many callouts we receive in a year attributed to the use of poor quality chemicals or non-branded detergents. Not only can it result in a poor clean, but also damage to the machines as internal components start to degrade and perish.

That’s why it’s so important to pair the right chemicals with the right machines to keep them in the best working order.

Looking After Your Glasswasher & Dishwasher

Glasswashers and dishwashers simply pump water over the basket contents and water alone won’t degrade grease, yeast fat or proteins. It needs suitable chemicals to carry out the cleaning.

In our experience, chemicals are often undervalued and purchased based on convenience or price without any thought to what is being put into the machine.

It’s also important to consider the type of water being pumped into the machine – if you’re in a hard water area, you may need to install a water softener. Connecting the machine to a hard water supply, without a water softener can be detrimental to both the wash results and the health of the machine.

When limescale builds up on elements, it acts as an insulator and holds the heat in, eventually causing the element to overheat and burn out.

Any evidence of limescale in the wash tank of a commercial machine is bad, however, unlike a domestic machine, a commercial washer has two tanks: the wash tank and the rinse tank. The rinse tank is sealed, meaning it can’t be descaled and as it houses the largest element in the machine, this is where a build-up of lime-scale can cause the biggest problems.

Simple Steps To Make A Huge Difference

Often, not enough consideration is given to simple measures that make huge differences.

That’s why we’ve spent the last six months trialling our new chemicals with machinery that we’ve been renting out and the results have been excellent.  We’ve had great response from our customers, especially with GlassSupreme CASK, specifically formulated for real alehouses.

In pubs where lots of real ales are served, we noticed glass washers getting built-up with yeast & slime. Our GlassSupreme CASK is a chlorinated chemical, degrading yeast and bacteria more effectively than a caustic detergent. Pubs clean beer line pipes with a chlorinated chemical so it makes sense to wash beer glasses with a chlorinated detergent too.

Properly washed glasses also enhance the lacing effect on the glass, improving beer head retention and eliminating any hidden odours which develop when the pint is poured. Often, the beer is blamed when a customer smells something not right with their pint when in fact, it’s the glass – you may not smell anything when the glass is dry but once it gets wet with alcohol the smell starts to resonate. Pubs are tipping pint after pint away because the glass washer isn’t cleaning properly.

Better Cleaning, Better Results

These machines are not cheap, so look after them properly and they’ll last longer, giving you more years of use.

We’ve customers that have 10-year-old machines, serviced by us, in great condition – because the owners absolutely value their importance. We’ve also had to write-off machines after 12 months due to poor care and use.

It’s imperative we change the perceptions of what a glass or dishwasher does; some think that when they rent or buy a new washer, the machine is going to magically do all the work. You can’t just install a washer on site and ‘hey presto’, fabulous results – you’ve got to use the right cleaning chemical – which is what we’ve brought onto the market.