Barcare installs Classeq Glass Washer at Emmerdale’s Pub ‘The Woolpack’

Thanks to Stowford Pub Company for choosing Barcare to supply and install their new Classeq G400P Glasswasher at The Woolpack, Emmerdale’s iconic pub located in the village of Esholt, near Bradford, West Yorkshire. The installation was carried out by expert engineers from Barcare, who ensured that the glasswasher was installed to the highest standards.

The Woolpack is a historic and iconic pub that has been a favourite among locals and visitors alike for over a century. The pub has a rich history dating back to the early 1800s, and it has become an integral part of the local community.

One of the reasons the Woolpack has remained so popular over the years is its connection to the popular television series “Emmerdale.” The pub was featured in the show for many years, and it was a popular filming location for the cast and crew. The Woolpack became so closely associated with the show that it became a must-visit destination for fans.

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The Classeq G400P Glasswasher is a top-quality glasswasher that is designed to provide exceptional cleaning performance. It is ideal for busy pubs like The Woolpack, which need to clean large quantities of glasses quickly and efficiently. The classeq glasswasher features a range of advanced technologies that help to ensure that glasses are cleaned to the highest standards, including temperature interlocks, and digitally controlled detergent and rinse aid dosing.

Aside from its connection to “Emmerdale,” the Woolpack is also known for its excellent food and drink. The pub serves a range of traditional pub dishes, such as fish and chips and steak and ale pie, as well as more modern options like vegan burgers and quinoa salad. The drinks menu is equally impressive, with a range of local and regional beers and ciders, as well as a good selection of wines and spirits.

Barcare is a leading supplier and installer of Classeq glass washers and dishwashers. They are accredited by CEDA and Altius Assured, which means that they meet the highest standards of quality and professionalism. The expert engineers from Barcare are trained to install, commission and train bar staff on the correct operation and cleaning routines of the Classeq machine to ensure the optimum performance is achieved. They have many years of experience working with pubs and restaurants throughout the UK.

Despite its popularity and success, the Woolpack has not lost touch with its roots. It remains a welcoming and friendly pub that is committed to serving the local community. The pub hosts regular events and activities, such as live music and quiz nights, which are popular with locals and visitors alike.

The installation of the Classeq G400P Glasswasher by Barcare Supreme at The Woolpack has been a resounding success. The glasswasher has helped to improve the pub’s efficiency and has ensured that glasses are cleaned to the highest standards. Thanks to the expert engineers from Barcare, the installation was carried out quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to the pub’s day-to-day operations.

The Woolpack at Esholt is a pub that has stood the test of time. It has a rich history and a strong connection to the local community, and it remains a popular destination for those looking for great food, drink, and a warm welcome. Whether you’re a fan of “Emmerdale” or simply looking for a great pub experience, the Woolpack is well worth a visit.