The HideOut Choose Prodis Upright Bottle Coolers

Barcare Install Prodis Upright Bottle Coolers at The HideOut in Leek

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The HideOut Bar in Leek made an excellent choice by selecting Barcare Supreme to provide and install their Prodis upright bottle cabinets. The delivery and installation process was swift and efficient, exceeding expectations. The engineer responsible for the installation demonstrated great attention to detail, ensuring precise positioning and leveling of the appliances. This dedication to perfection added a remarkable touch to the bar and the LED lighting of the appliances has significantly enhanced the bar’s ambiance, bringing vibrancy and brightness to the space.

The Prodis upright bottle coolers is a great choice for commercial pubs and bars due to its fast temperature pull-down times which ensures that bottles and canned beverages are kept at optimal serving temperatures, guaranteeing a crisp, refreshing experience. They offer good storage space, allowing a wide variety of drinks to be chilled at one time. The stainless steel mirror interior maximises storage, enabling establishments to showcase and organise their drink selections in a more appealing and accessible manner. As well as vibrant LED lighting which enhances the visual appeal of the displayed bottled and canned drinks, enticing you to explore all the available options.