Classeq Announces New C400 and C500 Glasswashers and Dishwashers

Classeq has unveiled its new range of undercounter dishwashers and glasswashers following many years of research, development, and testing by the Staffordshire-based manufacturer. The range of new machines, the Classeq C400, C400WS, and Classeq C500, C500WS, are described as ‘powerful creations made wonderfully simple.’

The power of simple.

2024 Classeq brochure image

Improved performance is achieved by new and innovative technology, delivering enhanced efficiency, ease of use, and reliability. For added flexibility and value, each machine can be customised as either a glasswasher or dishwasher during the installation process.

When purchasing, users have a simple choice regarding size, power, and whether they wish to incorporate an optional integrated water softener.


The following are the features of new machines:
1) Colour-coded display.
2) Energy-saving standby mode.
3) Double-skinned door and cabinet to reduce noise and limit heat loss.
4) Deep clean mode and refresh cycle.

In addition to new and genuinely innovative technology, the C400, C400WS and Classeq C500, C500WS also offer a fresh aesthetic, featuring sleek lines and a new ‘smiley face’ door handle that will shine brightly in the busiest kitchens and bars.

The repositioning of key components enables easier access for servicing and maintenance, reducing maintenance costs throughout the life of the machine.

bluetooth app

There is also a new Bluetooth app for operators and service technicians, providing access to user guides, machine settings, performance data, and service information.

Classeq’s Managing Director, Andy Salter, says:

“2024 is an important year for us, and we’re delighted to be presenting the market with a new undercounter range that builds on our Classeq proposition – renowned for reliability, ease of use, and simple maintenance.”

“Our showcase events gave our distributors and partners an opportunity to view the machines ahead of them going on sale in March 2024, enabling them to see just what a powerful option this is for their business.”

“We understand the challenges that catering businesses are facing and the need for machines to be reliable and durable. We remain 100% dedicated to providing machines that are genius in their simplicity and shine bright in every kitchen.”

The Classeq C400, C400WS and C500, C500WS will be available for purchase from 1st March 2024 at Barcare Supreme Ltd.