RACK50 Glasswasher Basket Rack 3 Tier

  • 500mm basket
  • Lockable castors or adjustable feet

*drip trays & baskets are not included as standard and need to be added to your order, see options below.

£240.00 Exc. VAT

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RACK50 is a 3 Tier Storage Rack from Barcare designed to hold 500mm square glasswasher baskets offering you safe, hygienic and versatile storage.

Available with either lockable castor wheels or adjustable feet the RACK50 can be mobile or static depending on your requirement. Use RACK50 to store baskets awaiting to be washed or baskets that have come straight out of the glasswasher and need a time to dry before placing them back on the shelves.

The rails have a clearance height of 300mm to allow clearance for the tallest of beer glasses such as Peroni and Strongbow.

The specially designed rails also gives you the option of sliding drip trays under the basket to catch either beer drips from dirty glasses or water droplets from clean glasses and unlike other models the drip trays can be removed independenty without having to lift off the basket making it easy to empty and clean the trays.

Dimensions with casters: 908(h) x 583(w) x 530(d)mm

Dimensions with adjustable feet: 850 – 895(h) x 583(w) x 530(d)mm


Weight 14 kg
Dimensions (HWD) 908 × 583 × 530 mm
Basket Size 500 mm
Brand Barcare
Finish Stainless Steel
Gross Capacity Approximately 75 – 90 Pimt glasses


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