SI-83 External Drain Pump for Ice Makers

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This high quality external drain pump is ideal for use with ice makers when the drain outlet of the icemaker is lower than the drain standpipe. The Si-83 tank pump is constructed from rugged, hard-wearing components for exceptional reliability and durability.

Max discharge head: 5.4 m
Max pressure: 5.7 m
Mains supply: 230 V~ 50 Hz – 115 W – 1.4 A
Operation conditions: 7 % non-continuous
Protection: IP44
Max condensate temperature: 55 °C
Max condensate acidity: pH > 2,5 (Gas condensing boilers)
Color: Black, blue
Tank volume: 2 L
Weight: 1.83 kg


Weight 1.83 kg
Operating Voltage 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz
Power Source Plug-in appliance (13amp)


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