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BSL500SS_Tall Stainless Steel Stand

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BSL500SS_Tall Stainless Steel Stand

The new BSL500SS_Tall stainless-steel stand from Barcare is an innovative addition purposely manufactured to lift your glasswasher or dishwasher to a better working height for your staff. This simple elevation streamlines the process of loading and unloading washing baskets, eliminating the need for awkward bending. This enhancement not only increases operational efficiency but also simplifies the regular routine of cleaning the inside of the machine.

In situations where space is limited, the BSL500SS_Tall comes to the rescue with its added height. This creates an opportunity to store items underneath your dishwasher or glasswasher. For instance, a 12Ltr manual water softener or detergent and rinseaid bottles. While external water softeners usually sit to the side of the appliance, restrictive space may require an alternative solution. Standard-height machine stands might fall short, but the BSL500SS_Tall, standing at 600mm, provides the necessary extra room.

The BSL500SS machine stand offers further benefits. In scenarios where your glasswasher or dishwasher relies on gravity drainage, the stand takes on the role of elevating the machine, positioning it higher than the waste pipe. This elevation promotes effective drainage by establishing a suitable drop for good gravity water flow.

These advantages seamlessly extend to maintenance and cleanliness. Cleaning underneath the stand is notably easier compared to the arduous task of manoeuvring a heavy appliance to gain access underneath. This not only enhances the process but also eliminates the risk of disrupting pipework or causing damage to pipes through kinking or crushing.

The stainless-steel machine stand is a multifaceted solution that not only optimises day-to-day operations but also significantly contributes to the durability and upkeep of your Classeq glasswasher or dishwasher. Experience enhanced functionality and ease with the BSL500SS_Tall machine stand, an embodiment of innovation and practicality.

  • The BSL500SS_Tall is for use with the G500 & D500 Classeq range of front-loading glasswashers & dishwashers

Dimensions (mm): 560 (W) x 580 (D) x 600 – 645 (H)


Weight 8 kg
Dimensions (HWD) 600 × 560 × 580 mm
Brand Barcare
Finish Stainless Steel


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