Savol Beerline Cleaner

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  • 2 x 5 Ltr bottles

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Savol Beerline Cleaner is a powerful mix of detergent and disinfectant and is the professionals choice when it comes to line cleaning. This highly recommended product has excellent cleaning abilities, leaving your beer lines hygienically clean resulting in untainted beer, ales and lagers helping you serve the perfect pint!


Line cleaner is highly corrosive, always wear protective equipment and follow instructions

Savol Beerline Cleaner has excellent cleaning ability
Is one of the most popular beer line cleaners in the brewing industry
Approved by many top breweries
Combines a cleaning detergent and disinfectant ensuring beer lines are hygienic
Suitable for other liquid pump systems, not just beer lines
Dilution ratio 5ml to 1Ltr of cold water or in higher concentration for heavy soiling



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Weight 10 kg
Brand EcoLab

1 review for Savol Beerline Cleaner

  1. Rob Stevens

    Great product use it in all my pubs always get it next day from barcare

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