Eliminate Lipstick Remover Starter Pack 2

  • 1 x Eliminator Brush and 2 x 1ltr bottle

The Eliminator Starter Pack comes with 1 x Eliminator Brush and 2 x 1ltr bottle of Eliminator for the pre-wash removal of grease and lipstick on all types of glassware.

Supplied with a special cost-effective dose control cap which enables you to dispense the precise dose every time. The Eliminator bowl /brush are designed to be washable in your dishwasher to sterilise and remove any bacteria and biofilm.

This newly improved product is the perfect solution to lipstick stains and grease build-up on your glassware, tackling the problem of hard to remove stains that machine washing alone struggles to remove and is perfect for any business wishing to serve drinks, safe in the knowledge that their glassware is clean.

Grab a Starter Pack today !!

£33.99 Exc. VAT


• For optimum results use as a prewash
• Cost-effective dose control cap
• 50 measured doses per one litre bottle
• Easy to dismantle and clean
• Durable Nylon brush
• Highly effective


Weight1.7 kg


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