T516-3 Fizzy Slush Machine

  • 3 Flavours
  • Digital control & display

Extremely high output
Triple flavour carbonated frozen slush machine

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T516-3 Fizzy Slush Machine

By choosing the T516-3 Fizzy Slush Machine you’ll be Elevating your beverage sector with a product meticulously developed to meet the high standards of businesses seeking premium quality and optimal profitability, all while maximising limited counter space.

Engineered to surpass industry benchmarks, this state-of-the-art, triple flavour, carbonated frozen slush machine, incorporates innovations for easy accessibility, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum operational efficiency. Its sleek and robust design guarantees enduring performance, empowering you to serve fizzy frozen slush drinks with confidence and panache.

Witness first-hand the seamless synergy of efficiency and innovation as the T516-3 produces flawlessly textured fizzy slush concoctions on every occasion. Powered by advanced technology, it promises uniform and delightful slush consistency, a guarantee that will have your customers returning for more icy refreshments.

Thoughtfully designed to cater to both your customer base and operational requirements, this unit holds the key for establishments constrained by counter space limitations. A must-have asset for cafes, bistros, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food, pubs & bars, it reshapes the possibilities within confined spaces.

Embrace an investment in refreshment evolution, and observe as your revenue escalates with the T516-3 Triple Flavour Fizzy Slush Machine. Set loose your creative ingenuity, deliver an unforgettable fizzy slush encounter, and relish the rewards of presenting a product that not only meets market demand but also symbolises your steadfast dedication to excellence and inventive prowess.


Weight 163 kg
Dimensions (HWD) 800 × 511 × 640 mm
Brand Blue Ice
Refrigerant R404a
Power Source Hard wired appliance (16amp)
Finish Stainless Steel
Operating Voltage 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz
CO2 System Input 70 – 72 PSIG (maximum)
Barrels 3 x 176oz
Output Capacity 180 x 10oz cups per hour, 516 x 10oz cups per hour
Water System Input 3/8" Sply Line (30 PSIG flow minimum)

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