Airack 45 Glass Dryer – New Improved Design

  • 450mm basket
  • Easy To Use & Install
  • Eliminates Cross Contamination
  • Removable drip tray
  • New Improved Design
  • New Improved Design

  • Up to 30 Minutes Cycle Time
  • Available In 3 Sizes
  • Standard Basket Size
  • Fast Glass Rotation


£419.99 Exc. VAT


Airack 45 Glass Dryer


The Airack 45 glass dryer, the ultimate solution for efficient and hygienic glass drying. While the correct and sanitary method for drying glasses is to let them air dry naturally, this process can be time-consuming, especially in fast-paced bars with high demand. The Airack 45 was specifically designed to reduce turnaround time, allowing you to quickly use the glasses after washing.
By utilising ambient air at room temperature, the Airack 45 draws in the air and employs its unique drying mechanism to dry the glasses from the inside. This innovative approach ensures that the glasses are dried thoroughly, enabling you to serve the perfect pint promptly. Say goodbye to waiting for glasses to dry on shelves for up to 40 minutes – the Airack 45 glass dryer revolutionises the glass drying process.
It is crucial to serve Lager or Beer in a glass that is both dry and cool. When a wet or warm glass is used, the beverage loses its characteristic fizz, vitality, and fails to form or maintain its froth. To combat this issue, modern glassware often incorporates etching or a widget at the base, creating what is referred to as “points of nucleation.” These features enhance the drinking experience by promoting carbonation and head formation.
However, if the widget or glass interior is damp when the lager or beer is poured, the effectiveness of these enhancements is completely compromised. To tackle this challenge, the Airack glass dryer was developed. By ensuring that the inside of the glass, including the widget, is completely dry, this innovative product guarantees that the poured drink will retain its carbonation and froth, preventing it from appearing flat or lacking in life.
Experience the difference with the Airack glass dryer and elevate your beverage service to new heights. Whether you’re a busy bar or pub, our purchase and rental options allow you to take advantage of this cutting-edge technology. Serve your customers their favourite lager or beer with the confidence that every glass will be perfectly dry, refreshing, and brimming with delightful effervescence.



New Improved Design

Introducing the latest Airack dryers by Barcare, now available in Version 6. These new models come with notable upgrades, including a robust solid metal base, replacing the previous plastic design. The heavy-duty powder-coated surface of the dryer enhances its resilience against damage caused by chemicals and water, resulting in significantly improved durability.
Version 6 of the Airack dryers also feature an enhanced air-flow system, optimising the glass drying process for even more efficient and effective results. With these advancements, Barcare’s Version 6 Airack dryers provide a reliable and long-lasting solution to meet all your glass drying needs.




Keep your Airack 45 clean & Sanitized


Weight 8.4 kg
Dimensions (HWD) 195 × 510 × 515 mm
Amps Required 13A 1 Phase
Basket Size Up to 450mm
Brand Airack
Controller Rotary adjustable timer
Cycle Time Up to 30 minutes
Operating Voltage 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz
Finish Black plastic
Power Source Plug-in appliance (13amp)
Warranty 1 year Parts and Labour


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