Classeq G500P-13a Digital Glasswasher

  • 500mm basket
  • Type ‘B’ Air Gap
  • Pumped Drain

Two wash programs
Intuitive LCD digital display
Digitally controlled detergent & rinseaid pumps
Colour coded display

£2,058.99 Exc. VAT


Classeq G500P-13a Digital Glasswasher

The Classeq G500P-13a digital glasswasher represents a cutting-edge solution for commercial glass washing here in the UK. Made for the fast-paced environment of bars, this front-loading glasswasher operates on a 13-amp socket and features a pumped drain system. Its design allows it to accommodate up to 30 pint glasses simultaneously. Even the tallest pint glasses, with an entry height of 343mm, can be effortlessly washed within it.

Manufactured to high standards in Staffordshire, Classeq glass washers are renowned for their quality & reliability. The G500P-13a is a robust and efficient appliance that excels in the demanding environment of a professional bar setup.

This remarkable machine, proudly constructed in the UK, boasts a digital control panel that prominently displays temperatures for both the rinse tank and the wash tank. The user is provided with the flexibility of choosing between 2-minute or 1-minute wash cycles. The two-button, user-friendly interface simplifies operation, making it easily manageable for staff. Intelligent software continually monitors water usage, temperature, chemical levels, and wash cycles, offering valuable insights to enhance operational effectiveness. The colour-coded display streamlines the management of wash cycles.

The control panel also offers the option to activate temperature interlocks, ensuring precise temperatures are reached during washing. This feature provides the utmost confidence that your customers are safeguarded against germs and viruses.

The machine features digitally controlled detergent and rinse aid pumps, allowing precise chemical dosing adjustable in millilitres per litre. This precision in chemical dosing is responsible for the exceptional washing results this machine delivers.

With its pump drain system, the G500P-13a glasswasher eliminates the need to manually remove a drain plug at the end of the day. A simple switch-off and button press initiate an automatic drain down. Additionally, the built-in drain pump resolves installation issues that might arise from having a waste pipe at a height unsuitable for gravity drainage.

If you’re looking for a 500mm basket, pumped drain glasswasher on a 13amp socket the Classeq G500P-13a is a great choice.


Weight 57.6 kg
Dimensions (HWD) 830 × 550 × 605 mm
Amps Required 13A 1 Phase
Basket Size 500 mm
Basket Supplied 2
Brand Classeq
Clear Entry Height 343 mm
Depth Door Open 987 mm
Drain Size 40mm
Empty Weight 44 kg
Finish Stainless Steel
Fully Loaded Weight 64.5 kg
Glasses per Rack 25 – 30 depending on glass size
Min. supply water pressure 2.0 bar
Operating Voltage 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz
Water supply connection G3/4” (3/4” BSP)
Wash Tank Element 2 kW
Wash Tank Capacity 14.33 Ltr
Wash Pump Power 0.58 kW
Warranty 1 year Parts and Labour
Total Connected Load 2580 Watts
Rinse Water Consumption at 3 bar 3 Litres / Cycle
Rinse Tank Element 2 kW
Rinse Tank Capacity 7.5 Ltr
Required Water Flow Rate 11 Ltr / min
Power Source Plug-in appliance (13amp)

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