T180-2 Fizzy Slush Machine

  • 2 Flavours
  • Digital control & display

High output
Dual flavour carbonated frozen slush machine

£7,395.99 Exc. VAT


T180-2 Fizzy Slush Machine

Elevate your beverage offerings with the T180-2 Fizzy Slush Machine, expertly designed for businesses that demand high quality and maximum profitability, all while optimising precious counter space.

Manufactured to the highest standards, this cutting-edge machine is made with innovations enabling easy accessibility to maximise uptime. The stylish and durable construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to serve up fizzy frozen carbonated slush beverages with confidence and flair.

Experience the efficiency and innovation first-hand as this machine churns out perfectly textured fizzy slush drinks, every time. Its advanced technology guarantees a consistent and delightful slush consistency, ensuring that your customers will be coming back for more icy indulgence.

Designed with both your customers and business needs in mind, this unit is a game-changer for establishments with limited counter space, making it an indispensable asset for cafes, bistros, and various retail outlets.

Invest in the future of refreshments and watch as your sales soar with the T180-2 Dual Flavour Fizzy Slush Machine. Unleash your creative potential, provide a memorable fizzy slush experience, and enjoy the rewards of offering a product that’s not only in demand but also a symbol of your commitment to quality and innovation.


Weight 96 kg
Dimensions (HWD) 800 × 400 × 640 mm
Brand Blue Ice
Refrigerant R404a
Power Source Plug-in appliance (13amp)
Finish Stainless Steel
Operating Voltage 220-240V / 1N~ / 50Hz
CO2 System Input 70 – 72 PSIG (maximum)
Barrels 2 x 128oz
Output Capacity 180 x 10oz cups per hour
Water System Input 3/8" Sply Line (30 PSIG flow minimum)

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