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Tiki Cocktail Mugs

Tiki mugs have been a popular part of Polynesian culture and home decor since the 1940s. These unique, often whimsical ceramic mugs are designed to hold tropical drinks like Mai Tais and Pina Coladas and are a staple of tiki bars and home tiki-themed parties.

Origin Of Tiki Mugs

The origins of tiki mugs can be traced back to the tiki culture that emerged in the United States after World War II. American soldiers who were stationed in the South Pacific during the war returned home with a newfound fascination for the Polynesian culture they had encountered. This led to the rise of tiki bars and restaurants, which served tropical cocktails in exotic, tiki-themed environments.

Tiki mugs were a natural accompaniment to these bars and restaurants, and many of the earliest examples were designed to look like idols or other cultural artifacts from Polynesia. Some of the most famous tiki mug designs were created by artists like Bob Burns and Shag, who brought a modern twist to the classic tiki aesthetic.

Over the years, tiki mugs have become more elaborate and diverse, with new designs being created by artists and collectors all over the world. Today, tiki mugs are not just limited to tiki bars and restaurants – they are also a popular collector’s item, with some rare examples fetching high prices at auction.

One of the most appealing things about tiki mugs is the sheer variety of designs and styles that are available. Some tiki mugs are relatively simple, with basic shapes and minimal decoration. Others are incredibly elaborate, with intricate carvings, bright colours, and playful motifs.


Many tiki mugs are designed to look like traditional Polynesian idols, with exaggerated features like large eyes, big noses, and broad grins. Others take on more whimsical forms, like animals, parrots, or even characters from popular culture.

Some tiki mugs are made to commemorate specific events or locations, while others are created as limited editions for collectors. Whatever the style, each tiki mug is a unique work of art that adds a touch of fun and exoticism to any home or bar.

Tiki mugs are a unique and fascinating part of Polynesian culture and tiki bar history. Whether you’re a bar owner or just enjoy sipping a tropical cocktail from a whimsical mug, tiki mugs are sure to add a touch of fun and exoticism to any business or gathering.

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