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Spirit Measures

Spirit Measures, commonly referred to in the trade as optics, provide a convenient and dependable method to ensure accurate spirit dispensing every single time; preventing any inconsistencies in pouring, whether it’s under or over. These devices are absolutely essential for popular spirits like gin, whisky, vodka, and rum. Maintaining compliance with the weights and measures act is crucial for your bar, and our selection of spirit measures can help you achieve that.
Rest assured, all our spirit measures are Government Stamped, guaranteeing that you are adhering to legal requirements. At Barcare Supreme, we take pride in offering a diverse range of high-quality measures. Our measures are equipped with non-drip mechanisms, which not only eliminate wastage but also keep your bar tops clean and hygienic, ensuring a seamless and professional bar experience.

Alternatively, check out our range of Government Stamped stainless steel Thimble Measures & Jiggers.