DVA Manual Water Softener 8Ltr

  • Softening Capacity: 1500 Litres

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This DVA Manual Water Softener 8Ltr is ideal for use with the Classeq G350 and G350P undercounter Glasswashers with a typical softening capacity of 1,500 litres. Uses hydrosoft granular salt to generate.

Water treatment is essential in order to achieve good washing results. It will reduce detergent consumption to a minimum and help prevent failure of heating elements and rinse jet blockages, caused by the formation of calcium carbonate (lime scale) deposits. Failure to install a water softener where appropriate can affect the machine warranty terms.. Required for use with all warewashing machines wherever the total hardness of the water exceeds 7° Clark (100 ppm).

Water softener compatibility table

Manual Water Softener 8Ltr – DVA



Minimum allowed supply water pressure: 2.5 bar
Maximum Incoming Water Pressure: 6.0 bar
Maximum Incoming Water Temperature: 35°C

I’m not sure if I need a water softener?


Weight 8 kg
Softening Capacity 1500 Litres

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