50ml Solo Counter Spirit Measure Optic

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  • Government stamped
  • Control your costs with our counter measure – don’t lose your profit!
  • Proven reliability
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Reliable non-drip mechanism
  • Smooth dispense action


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The most precise and efficient method of dispensing your spirits is by using this 50ml Solo Counter spirit measure from UK supplier Beaumont. Government stamped for use in the UK with the prescribed spirits – whisky, gin, vodka and rum.

Whether you run a professional bar or public house accurate spirit dispensing is essential for good stock control and waste reduction as well as providing a consistent service to your customers.

Each spirit measure has a rubber cork ensuring easy and secure attachment as well as providing a watertight fit around the neck of the bottle preventing leakage.


Weight 0.1 kg
Brand Beaumont
Volume 50 ml
Finish Black
Warranty 1 year guarantee


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